VMC Vehicle Monitor Corporation

 Internet of Things (IoT) Systems

VMC provides custom designed IoT systems to help optimize the business processes of its customers.

VMC draws on its long experience and the technologies it has developed to serve customers who own or manage vehicle fleets that transport industrial liquids and gases, ready mix cement, perishable food, forestry product and hazardous materials.

Our IoT systems communicate with the vehicles brake units, suspension system, weighing system, product meter and other devices to deliver information that improves productivity and safety of operations.

Our custom designs allow for costs to be minimized by choosing the lowest cost combination of communications methods including WiFi, Bluetooth, cell network and satellite.

We can further deliver information directly to customers servers avoiding the monthly costs for an outside service provider.

Using an Android tablet or phone drivers gain two way communications with our IoT systems.

Drivers can read product meters, and be informed of any brake or suspension alarms, overload condition or other information.

VMC IoT Systems are ideal for companies managing their own fleets.