Engines • Torque Converters • Transmissions • Hydraulic Components • Electrical Harnesses • Pneumatic Air Decay

Air Decay/Evac & Fluid Fill • Fluid Fill • Chassis Harness • Remote Operator • End Of Line • Rolling Road • Road Test • Non-Invasive Electrical

On-Board Monitoring • On-Board Displays • Remote Monitoring • Geo-Fencing • Web-based Tracking

This is our business every day

VMC is a leading qualified global supplier of Equipment Testing Systems and Monitoring Systems to Original Equipment Manufacturers and suppliers.

We are currently serving world class manufacturing facilities in 20 countries. Our customers manufacture mining, construction, agricultural, and forestry machinery. As well as passenger automobiles, buses, highway trucks, and subway trains.

VMC test systems include reporting and analytic software to keep quality and production managers informed on quality at each test station as well as assembly line performance, and to help identify ways to continually improve quality and productivity.

Our test systems work for you.

From design concept and construction all the way through implementation and lifetime service.

VMC Hardware

Virtually any possible form factor. Test systems that move with the vehicle, are floor mounted, are wall mounted, are portable, are distributed, have large user screens, or are accessed remotely.

VMC Software

VMC-TestManager™,VMC-TestDesigner™,and VMC-Dashboard™ work to guide operators, control test stands, create and edit test sequences, report and analyze test results.

VMC Service

VMC have for 20+ years provided on site and remote 24/7 technical support. When coupled with our robust hardware and software test system downtime is minimized or eliminated.